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These beautiful Nike Air F1 's are blinged out. Rhinestones are hand placed on both the insides and outsides of the shoes
• Many different sizes to choose from
• Made to order
• Sizes are AvailabLe in Men and Women
•Authentic Nikes bought from Nike store
•No returns or exchanges
*Due to popular demand of these sneakers, some sizes may be converted to youth size as goes if not available in women’s: Shoe size may be substituted to an equivalent youth size.

Example; 8 women’s → 6.5 Youth Big Kid.Rhinestones are crystal clear.Nike AF1 sizes are generally true to size.*For shoe sizing, please confirm that you are purchasing the correct shoe size prior to purchase. (if you do not know your proper shoe size, please try on a shoe in a local store first).*All sales are final, which means returns & exchanges are not accepted.*Processing time is 3- 4 weeks before shipping.

Custom AirF-1

  • Processing time is 3- 4 weeks for this item

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