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HIGH QUALITY glass flatback rhinestones.
These rhinestones are excellent for easy placement to your projects like tumblers, crocs, pens, and much more!
These are non-hot fix rhinestones, you will need glue to attach them to your project.

Choose Size: 2mm | 3mm | 4mm | 5mm | 6mm
Material: glass
SS6 2.0mm 1440pcs
SS8 2.5mm 1440pcs
SS10 2.9mm 1440pcs
SS12 3.2mm 1440pcs
SS16 4.0mm 1440pcs
SS20 4.8mm 1440pcs
SS30 6.6mm 288pcs

The actual number of pieces you will receive is by weight. We strive to provide the exact number of stones with each order by being very tedious during our sort process. However if you have any issues please feel free to message us. 
Due to the manufacturing process you could possibly get a couple non coated stones, unusual shapes, etc...

Glass Rhinestones

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